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Landfill Hours:

Effective September 16, 2019

The landfill will be open on the following days (weather permitting).
  • Wednesdays - 4:00pm until dusk
  • Saturdays - 10:00am to 2:00pm

No exceptions will be made. The gate attendant will collect your fees and direct you to the appropriate dumping area(s).
Weekly access is by appointment only: Call the Town Office at (306) 776-2270.

Landfill Rates:
Effective October 20, 2014 the new disposal rates for the landfill are as follows:

  • Appliances: $10.00 each
  • Metals: $10.00 per load ( ton or less & truck box trailers)

  • Burnable Wood: $5.00 per load
  • Garbage Refuse (Composting): $2.00

  • *LORAAS Bin: $10.00 per load ( ton or less & truck box trailers)
  • *LORAAS Bin: $25.00 per load (1 ton & end dump trailers)
  • *LORAAS Bin: $100.00 per load (1 to 3 ton trucks)

  • Shingles: $100.00 ( ton or less & truck box trailers)
  • Shingles: $200.00 (greater than ton & truck box trailers)
  • Drywall/Const. Material: $50.00 ( ton or less & truck box trailers)
  • Drywall/Const. Material: $100.00 (greater than ton & truck box trailers)

*The bin WILL ACCEPT: Furniture, matresses, non-burnable wood, light industrial waste, floor sweepings, painted wood, glass.

*The bin DOES NOT ACCEPT: Hazardous materials, toxic waste, paint cans, oil and filters, tires of any kind, chemical containers, propane tanks.

Please have payment with you and give the total amount to the attendant prior to dumping. Also ensure you are dumping in the proper areas. Refusal to pay the attendant in advance will result in loss of landfill access and privileges.

IMPORTANT: Consideration is being given to stop accepting the above noted items, shingles and construction materials, due to the cost of maintaining the landfill. Please obtain your own disposal bin if you are undertaking a major renovation or construction project that will result in a large amount of garbage.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (306) 776-2270.

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