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About Rouleau » Economic Development

The purpose of the Rouleau Economic Development committee is:

To provide recommendations to Council and staff on matters relating to the attraction, expansion and retention of Rouleau and district community members, in an manner that sustains growing families. The Committee will develop an economic strategy, for Council's consideration and approval, to identify niche markets, future trends, and will actively assist in fostering and promoting a positive community image and an enhanced quality of life.

The Rouleau Economic Development Committee was established by Rouleau Town Council in 2005 as a result of a need expressed by Rouleau residents at a Town Hall meeting earlier that same year. That year, the Committee, in partnership with the Moose Jaw Regional Economic Development Authority, listed its objectives as:

  1. create jobs and promote population growth,
  2. diversify the economy through value added processing,
  3. increase the tax base through development,
  4. encourage feasible business opportunities,
  5. promote tourism development in the region, and
  6. promote inter-municipal cooperation.

The Committee conducted a Town wide survey of Rouleau residents for the purpose of collecting local input on the economic and social development, and the quality of life, in the Rouleau region. Based on the results, a community meeting was held on October 25th to discuss a Community Development Plan.

The Plan was finalized later that same year. The Rouleau Economic Development Committee continued to meet throughout 2006 and 2007; it put into action many of the suggested activities outlined in the Community Development Plan. In the spring of 2008, the Rouleau Economic Development Committee drafted Terms of Reference.

In the summer of 2009, the Committee presented the draft Terms of Reference to Town Council for approval and met with Tourism Saskatchewan, over a series of consecutive meetings in October, to develop a Community Tourism Strategy that would be a part of the overarching Rouleau Community Economic Development Strategy. The Tourism Strategy will be discussed at an upcoming Town Hall meeting in November 2009.

Members of the Rouleau Economic Development Committee are:

  • Kerri Charlton
  • Devon Hoff
  • Julie Huckabay (Vice-Chair)
  • Glennys Perkins
  • Brenda Sherring (Chair)
  • Pat Sterzuk (Treasurer)
  • Jeff Supeene

For further information, contact Brenda Sherring at

If you would like to receive e-news about Economic Development activity in Rouleau, please send an email to and put "RED Subscribe" in the subject line.

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