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The Rouleau Community Players are residents and friends of Rouleau who put on different events such as airband performances and plays. We count on the community's support to keep going as an organization. In turn, we give back to the community in different ways.

Why we do it…The Rouleau Community Players are dedicated to supporting the community in a variety of ways. The Players have helped the Town Hall out tremendously in the past…from helping to pay for the mortgage, to paying for the curtains, lighting, sound system and stage. The Community Players also support students in the way of an award to the tune of $750 every year. On top of the school award, the Players have donated monies to Mathew Kosteniuk to help pay for a service dog, the Jack Nestor fund, Karen Aulie's Gym Class, the Rouleau 4-H Club and the school's Brick Building project…just to name a few.

This year, a portion of the profit will go to Jason Rennick to help offset treatment costs for Glioblastoma Multiforme. Without YOUR PREVIOUS support, we could not have accomplished all of this which benefits us all. Without YOUR FUTURE support, we would cease to exist and not be able to continue the donations to the community.

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