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4-H helps young people discover where they shine - by letting them explore what they love, discover what they don't and try new things.

The program targets youth ages 6-21 as well as adults to lead the program, making it a great family based activity that involves the entire community. The 4-H motto is to learn to do by doing and the program gives youths the opportunity to sit down with someone who can show them how to do it, things that they are interested in.

The Rouleau 4-H club offers a variety of projects and these projects are chosen by the interest of the youth in and around the community and will change every year. Below is a list of projects chosen this year and a brief description of what is happening in each.

The drama group is working on a one act play that they are going to perform in May. The play is called " Happily Ever After" and it is about four pairs of disgruntled fairy tale characters competing on a game show for the chance to live happily ever after. Little do they know that the host of the show, the Wicked Witch, isn't about to let it happen.

The fishing group has been learning about the different types of fish and fishing equipment the last few months. They will also be learning the proper way to clean and cook fish. The fishing group will be putting their newly learned knowledge into practice when they go on an off shore fishing trip in the spring.

The members of the food group are planning an international supper for their families. Each member has picked a different country and will be making an entree that is typically served in that country. Some of the countries chosen are: Italy, Greece, Mexico, India, England and France.

Cloverbuds The members of cloverbuds ge
t to learn about a variety of different projects. A few of the things they are going to do this year are woodworking, gardening, mechanics, and home safety.

The babysitting members are learning about the responsibilities of babysitting. They are spending a lot of time doing book work and then they will put their skill to the test when they do a practical babysitting trial with the parent present.

The craft project allows the members to learn about a variety of different craft mediums. This year, a few of the projects that they are working on are homemade cards, faux stained glass and painting on canvas.

If you would like any information about the Rouleau 4-H Club please contact the General Leader Starla Wareham at 776-2226 or

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