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The Drop In Centre was originally built as a meeting and networking place for the Rouleau and District seniors. However, recently it has morphed into a multi generational facility.

The building is a smaller hall than the town hall and is available for rent for showers, family reunions, birthdays, parties, political functions etc. Its often used as our local immunization center.

Rental fees are $40 for a -day and $80 for the full day - use of the kitchen is included in the rental price. For all other rental inquiries, please call Fay Haig for reservations at (306) 776-2239 or Marion Day at (306) 776-2444.

Several kinds of activities are held at the Drop In such as yoga classes, drop in painting, walking classes, pool and billiards, cribbage tournaments and afternoon games. There is a very active coffee group that meets both mornings and afternoons 6 days a week. This coffee group consists of both retirees and business people which make for lively discussions.

We encourage everyone to buy a $20 membership in the Drop In as membership had its benefits. Several times a year the Board of Directors arrange public luncheons and special occasion dinners. The cost to members is less than to those without a membership. The money generated through membership guarantees the continued success of our facility. Membership may be purchased from Marion Day.

Board of Directors

VP - Glennys Perkins - 306-776-2521
Secretary Phyllis Copeland 306-776-2491
Treasurer Marion Day 306-776-2444
Fay Haig
Ken Hoff
Pat Sterzuk
Una Bean
Bert Schoenau

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