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The Rink is open approximately November 1st to March 15th and is available for rental throughout the season for practices and games. We will not be able to accommodate tournaments during the 2020/21 season. Due to COVID-19, the increased time needed between groups, as well as additional cleaning/disinfecting only allows for PRACTICES to be booked MONDAY-THURSDAY. GAMES can only be booked FRIDAY EVENING THRU SUNDAY EVENING.

The Skating Arena ice surface measures 175' x 75', and is great for minor hockey! It features 5 dressing rooms, #2-5 are standard-sized, while dressing room #1 is smaller and used for female players to dress separately. There is also a separate ref room, assigned as dressing room #6 on the board. Currently, rooms #2-5 have an 8 PLAYER MAX/RM, while dressing room #1 can accommodate up to 5 PLAYERS. All dressing rooms provide a toilet and sink; however, ALL SHOWERS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED due to COVID-19.

Our arena viewing area offers both inside seating and outside stands. Due to COVID-19, our spectator capacity is limited, as are the spectator areas. Designated viewing areas will be clarified upon rental contracts being completed.

SPECTATOR LIMIT: One parent/guardian per youth player/participant on the ice, no siblings, no exceptions. This is the rule for all youth sports including minor hockey, ringette, curling and skating lessons. There will be no spectators allowed during adult recreational rentals.

MASKS - Masks are currently required for ALL RINK USERS. Players must wear their masks until ready to put on their helmets and enter the ice area. Spectators must wear their masks for the duration of time spent at the Rouleau Rink.

KITCHEN: Due to COVID-19, we will not be opening out kitchen this season. There is a vending machine on site, stocked with drinks and snacks. Cash only. There is no ATM on the premises, but one can be found at either the DOMO gas station, or Rouleau Bar & Grill.

PARKING: Please use the Rink parking lot on the EAST side of the Rink. We ask you to refrain from parking in the street to the west of the facility.

2021/22 Board Members
     President (term ends Fall 2023) - Derek Nyhus
     Vice President (term ends Fall 2023) - Brandt Perkin - 306-450-0291
     Secretary (term ends Fall 2022) - Tasha Euteneier - 306-533-4451
     Member at Large - Danny Brown
     Member at Large - Chris Latimer
     Member at Large - Craig Perkin
     Member at Large - Jeff Weafer
     Member at Large - Landon Krauss
     Member at Large - Shane Silzer

2021/22 Non Board Volunteer Position
     Book Keeping - Carla Nyhus (continuing to October 2022)
     Treasurer - Stacey Clarke (continuing through this season to transition to new member)

To view the Rink Calendar, please click here.

2020/21 Ice Rental Rates

Monday - Sunday: $194.25 / hour (includes GST)

For additional information, or to book ice times, please call Stacey Clarke at 306-776-2545 or email at

Kitchen / Lobby Rental

Due to COVID-19, we are not currently allowing facility rentals.

2020/21 Public Skating Fees

Public Skating - For anyone not registered on a RWMH team. If you are a player with RWMHA, your public skating fees are included in your hockey fees.

Due to COVID-19, public skating will operate differently this season. We will be offering pre-paid drop-in skates only. Please see our Facebook page "Rouleau Rink" or call Stacey at 306-776-2545 for more details.

2020/21 Rouleau/Wilcox Minor Hockey Board Members

     General Contact,
     President - Lonny Forrester,
     Vice President - Bob Baumuller,
     Secretary/Treasurer - Danielle Clarke,
     Registrar - Landon Krauss,
     Member - Jordan Clarke,
     Member - Kevin White,

2020/21 Rouleau/Wilcox Minor Hockey Team Contacts

     Coaches: Landon Krauss, Daniel Brown, Andrea Harazny, Todd Nazarchuk
     Manager: Tasha Euteneier -

     Coaches: Jordan Clarke, Rylan Kaip, Jason Childs, Wade Clarke
     Manager: Wendy Ziehl -

     Coaches: Steve Hoffart, Lonny Forrester, Jason Childs
     Manager: Lindsay Pilkington -

     Coaches: Lonny Forrester, Jordan Clarke, Rylan Kaip
     Manager: Jennifer Kleckner -

2020/21 Rouleau/Wilcox Minor Hockey Area Referee List

Austin Sylvestre
     Rouleau, SK
     U7 - U13

Brant Perkin
     Rouleau, SK
     U13 & Up (can be contacted for Local U11 in "emergency" cases)

Braden Jeffery
     306-535-7563 or 306-535-7438
     Wilcox, SK
     U7 - U13

Brayden Heistad
     306-868-2132 or 306-886-7969
     Avonlea, SK

Chase Faris
     Rouleau, SK

Hudson Heistad
     306-868-2132 or 306-886-7969
     Avonlea, SK

Ivan Krueger
     306-539-4570 or 306-529-6579
     Wilcox, SK

Josh Mattern
     306-535-2482 or 306-537-7653
     Wilcox, SK

Kaden Jeffery
     306-535-7563 or 306-535-7438
     Wilcox, SK

Katryna Mattern
     306-537-1730 or 306-537-7653
     Wilcox, SK

Molly Watson
     306-868-7782 or 306-868-7781
     Avonlea, SK
     U7-U11 (U11 lines only)

Natalie Harazny
     306-897-5560 or 306-891-6123
     Wilcox, SK

Owen Watson
     639-201-7783 or 306-868-7782 or 306-868-7781
     Avonlea, SK

Shane Silzer (Ref-In-Chief)
     Rouleau, SK
     U13 & Up (can contact for younger age group in "emergency"cases)

Tyler Eason
     Avonlea, SK
     U11-U18 (can contact for younger age group in "emergency"cases)

Virginia Harazny
     306-861-2234 or 306-891-6123
     Wilcox, SK

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